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Be Mine? || Jongjin & Sunho


Jongjin smiled brightly when the door opened and he even moved his body into a ‘TADA!’ position as if his person had just been the best thing Sunho could have ever found in front of his doorstep. “I came to see you of course,” he announced brightly with all the enthusiasm that Jongjin seemed to contain. He seemed to take in Sunho’s appearance then and he reaches up to stroke his own chin while shaking his head. “Ummm, no, that won’t do….as much as I think you look amazing and handsome no matter what you wear, I think you’re going to have to change because you and I, my dear, are going out today.”

And then the waiting began. Waiting for Sunho to process what he had just said, waiting for his reaction and waiting to possibly, maybe, being invited to come in and wait in the other male’s living room while Sunho goes to change. He didn’t know if the other would invite him in. He didn’t know if Sunho would even accept to come out with him for the day or if he would just slam the door back in his face.

“I mean…if you…if you want. We don’t have to go out if you don’t want to. I just thought it would be nice because it’s so beautiful outside and the air is crisp and you know that’s good to breathe some fresh air and not stay inside all the time….”

He was rambling and he knew it. Sunho was the only one who had the ability to make him so nervous, to make him doubt and second-guess all of his decisions. Things he had been sure about before meeting up with Sunho were always becoming uncertain when the other boy was around because maybe things were too much or maybe they weren’t enough.

He took a deep breath and flashed another smile at Sunho.

He blinked unsure of what to do or say. He wasn’t expecting this and he was sure that is what Jongjin wanted. He always had a knack for doing things Sunho wouldn’t expect, especially showing up out of no where. He follows his eyes looking down at himself, knowing full well that his outfit probably wasn’t up to the standard for a person who is highly involved in the fashion world. 

"Uhm… now?" He tilts his head questioning. He wasn’t plan on doing much today besides staying in and catching up on his favorite television shows because he wasn’t in the mood on going out at all today. He glances at the ground, thinking of what to say. Should he go out with him or should he just say no and stay? "I was going to stay home and watch Tv… but… I suppose going out for a bit won’t hurt." He lifts his head up and flashes him a reassuring smile.

 He steps aside. “Do you want to come in while I go get changed?” He thinks if it were anyone else, he would say no and politely decline. But for the most part, whenever he went with Jongjin blindly to go do something he had an enjoyable time. For the most part. So who is to say he won’t enjoy going out with him now? He had a point, it did look nice outside.

Be Mine? || Jongjin & Sunho


It had been months since Jongjin had first met Sunho and after taking him out on so many different dates and spending an entire week with him in New York, he was ready to officially ask the architect out and do it the Jongjin way. It meant that what he had planned was nothing close to normal and everything near completely extravagant. He had once again spent a lot of time planning everything to make sure that everything would work perfectly. He wasn’t doing all of that because he wanted to show off and let Sunho see that he had money. He was doing all of this because he wanted the other boy to know that he was willing to give his best and do crazy things for him, to show that he cared about him and hopefully the other boy would be able to see his sincerity.

He glanced down at his phone and typed in another text to Sunho. He had been texting him since he had left his own apartment earlier so he knew that the boy was home and that he currently didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day which was perfect for Jongjin who was on a mission. He soon reached the apartment complex where Sunho was living and bowed as someone was coming out which gave him the chance to slip inside and head for the elevators. He was dressed semi-casually, clean grey pants with a brown plaid shirt underneath a black sweater and a chic winter jacket. The combination of color might have appeared strange but it worked.

He grinned to himself as he stepped inside the elevator and pushed the button to Sunho’s floor. A couple of minutes later, he was standing in front of the other’s door and knocking on it. He couldn’t help but wonder how the other boy would react upon seeing him standing there, but this was really only just the beginning of the surprise.

It was a lazy weekend as Sunho sat in his apartment. It wasn’t long after he had come back from a trip to New York with Jongjin. For the most part it was an enjoyable trip, except the part where he was tricked into flying out there because Jongjin decided that a date half way around the world was no big deal. And it wasn’t like he considered how Sunho felt about flying either. Even so, it wasn’t that bad of a trip. He actually enjoyed himself very much, but it left him confused on what their relationship was and where it stood.

He knew that Jongjin liked him. It was painfully obvious, but he was unsure of himself how he felt about the other. It was true that he would get a flustered heart when they would hold hands, be embarrassed and his face would get flushed just being around him, but with everything considered, he isn’t sure if he wants to step back into a relationship yet. The whole idea scares him because even though he’s sure Jongjin wouldn’t be like the previous, there is the lingering thought in the back of his mind that there could be a possibility.

His thoughts were averted when he hears a knock on the door. He was confused as to who it was because he wasn’t expecting anyone today and it couldn’t possibly be the mailman or something. Getting up from his spot on the couch, he heads over to open the door, not bothering to look through the peep hole. To his surprise (well he should’ve expected it, who else would come visit him), he found Jongjin standing there, dressed better than he was. He was wearing some sweatpants and a tank while Jongjin seemed like he was ready to go out. “Uhm.. what are you doing here?”

I ♥ NYC || Jongjin & Sunho


“Who knows? I’m sure there must be some people out there who don’t like hot chocolate. They don’t know what they are missing out on though…all that chocolate…warm and drinkable…yum!” He glances at Sunho and almost pouts when the other once again leaves the power of decision in his hands. “Maybe I should have phrased that a bit differently…Instead of asking you if you wanted to share a piece of pie or cake, I should have asked…and I am asking you now: are you hungry?”

Thankfully the café wasn’t too far from the park and soon enough they had reached their destination. Jongjin pulls open the door and motions for Sunho to go in first before stepping after him. It was one of those small places that looked extremely cozy. There was a  fire burning and the counter was made of rough wood. The whole place smelled of freshly ground coffee and spices. Still holding Sunho’s hand, Jongjin walks up to the display of cakes and pies and looks at the selection. He thinks that even if Sunho doesn’t want to share one, he’d take one for himself anyway. “Oh, look at that one….oh god it looks delicious!” he almost moans as he points at a caramel apple pie.

That’s also when he remembers that Sunho made a suggestion and he almost facepalms when he realizes that he hasn’t answered him yet. He felt apologetic upon hearing Sunho say they had done so much the whole week. Maybe it had been too much? Jongjin had only wanted to show as much as he could to Sunho but maybe the other would have preferred to relax a bit more. That’s why he says, “oh and about earlier…I mean…you suggesting we just go back…we can do that. We can even take whatever we order here to go and just bring everything back to the hotel with us. You must be a bit tired…I did make you go everywhere…”

"Uhm, I don’t mind." He says glancing around, just to get his eyes averted from the other. This whole experience has been surreal and he had enjoyed pretty much all of it. Except for the beginning when he was surprised by Jongjin and he was upset that he had to fly on a plane because of the whole thing, but he got over it and enjoyed spending his time.

His suggestion was ignored by the other and he assumed it was a bad idea. So instead of speaking up about it again, he chose to stay quiet and just go along with whatever Jongjin wanted to do. Although, he was a little hurt that it was ignored like that. Before long they were at the cafe and he walks inside. It seemed nice, and cozy so he couldn’t complain about it. To be honest, he wasn’t hungry, nor thirsty so hot chocolate and cake wasn’t something he cared for at this point, but it what was Jongjin wanted so he would go along with it.

When Jongjin brings up his suggestion again, he doesn’t feel so hurt anymore and flashes him a small smile. “Well it’s up to you since you’re the one who planned out everything. I don’t mind if we don’t. I just thought we could relax a bit since we have been running around the city for the whole week.” He shrugs a bit. “It’s up to you though, I don’t mind.” Even though he would rather go back and relax, it’s true he doesn’t mind. Jongjin has been good to him this entire trip so he was glad with whatever they decided to do. 

-leaves a card in Sunho’s mailbox- Happy Valentine’s Day! I didn’t know your favorite flower or if you even have one and I felt like chocolates would have probably been too much but I still wanted to say that for me…there is only you.

(`goes to get his mail and discovers a card in his mail box) (`he reads it with a smile before looking around him to make sure Jongjin doesn’t just pop up somewhere) Maybe I should do something for him… (`smiles to himself before heading back up to his apartment)

I ♥ NYC || Jongjin & Sunho


“I don’t mind,” he assures Sunho with a smile. He really didn’t mind too. What was important for Jongjin was that the both of them had fun and he didn’t think it would be fine for him to have fun if Sunho wasn’t enjoying the activity too. Slowly but surely Sunho had become more important to Jongjin than his own person. He was being attentive to everything about the other from his reactions to things to his body language etc. He was not a ‘Sunho specialist’ yet but he was trying to learn about the other as best as he could. Not everything was told with words after all.

“Hot chocolate it is indeed,” he grins and follows Sunho off the ice and back to the benches. Surprisingly, it is him who now almost faceplants when the blade of his skate catches into the padded floor and sends him stumbling a little forward, managing to remain up although his limbs do flail around for a little bit. “Oh man..” he chuckles once he is safely sitting next to Sunho, “for a moment there I thought I was flying.” He is joking of course, just wanting to get a reaction out of the other. He proceeds to take off his skates and return his feet in his boots. He hesitates a bit when he stands up, always needing a moment to adjust to the difference of height and the fact that there are no longer blades under his feet.

They leave their skates at the counter and as they are on their way out, Jongjin reaches for Sunho’s hand again and envelops it in his. He knows that Sunho doesn’t like that but Jongjin does it anyway because Sunho has slowly stopped trying to pull his hand away and Jongjin believes that’s a good sign. “Yah, stop apologizing, I already told you it was fine,” he smiles and nudges Sunho’s side with his elbow. “You do like hot chocolate though…right? Should we share a slice of pie too? Or cake…Is there anything you’d like to do afterward?”

Even though he hates public display of affections, the hand holding started to feel a little more natural to him and he found it somewhat comfortable. The intertwining of their fingers, the way they fit together, and the warmth of his hand surrounding his. It was embarrassing, but then again, it was nice. Being in this city with someone he… truly cared about, it was nice. It was something he never expected to happen to him in a lifetime.

He chuckles a bit and nods. “Of course I do. I mean, who doesn’t like hot chocolate?” He wasn’t that weird. “Uhm, whatever you want.” Even though he says that, he regrets it a bit because he knows when Jongjin gets free reigns of things, he goes a little overboard. This whole trip would be a good example of that. Although he did complain it about it at first because it was too much for just a date, he wouldn’t be complaining now. This whole trip was too nice to ever forget, and the fact that he spent it with Jongjin, made it all the better.

"How about afterwards we just go relax in the room? I mean the whole week we’ve done so much, how about we just spend the last one relaxing and watching tv or looking out at the city on the balcony?" It was a suggestion, but he was pretty tired of going around the city and they haven’t gotten a chance to really just relax And he would be lying if he said that he didn’t want to just cuddle up with Jongjin in bed.


Name: Won Jongjin
Age: 28 but I look 20? (◡‿◡✿)
Likes: sex, red wine, fashion~, traveling, the smell of fresh linens, cooking
Dislikes: Taejun’s face, being cold, people who think it’s okay to grope me just because of my past..oh and cats.
Perfect date: I’m the kind who likes to spoil. So a perfect date could be going to see their favorite band anywhere around the world or going on a safari in Africa. I also like simple things like going for a picnic or watching movies at home!

past to present \ sunho + jr


Sunho seemed a little bit too exicted. JR was smiling awkwardly, trying his best for his smile to seem genuine and not to make it that obvious. He was truly starting to wonder what he have done- maybe he got a new stalker or somehing like that.

Jonghyun hesitantly gets in the car, feeling somehow uneasy but calm at the same time. Remembering he hasn’t answered the other’s question yet, he said- “I’ve been here for a few month only, 3 or 4 I think, not that I count” He chuckled “What about you, hyung—” The younger boy was somehow surprised at how naturally that word came out of his mouth -‘hyung’ he repeated in his mind.

The engine groared and the ride started. Jr kept his eyes on the window, staring blankly at the glass, then at the dark, cold street. He wasn’t feeling awkward- at least not as much as he was in the beggining. He turned to the driver, and flashed him one of his well-know smiles. He wanted his way home to go smoothly and there wasn’t a better way to make it than giving Sunho an “I remember you” smile. Maybe within some more time, he really will.

On the way home, Sunho didn’t say much because the looming feeling that maybe Jr didn’t actually remember him was still on his mind. Maybe he was just pretending because his expression and the way he was acting, wasn’t much different than before. He was worried that maybe he stepped over some boundaries that he shouldn’t have. Maybe he shouldn’t have came on too strong and pushed for Jr to remember him.

Although Jr gave him a smile, there was still an ill feeling within him that made him unsure if he really remembered or not. And so he decides that he’ll let him come to him if he truly remembers him or not because he doesn’t want to be too pushy. (He knows how uncomfortable it can be at times when someone is too pushy cough cough Jongjin cough cough) 

In no time, they had arrived at the Lofts and Sunho parks his car in the garage. Stepping out of the vehicle, he waits for Jr to catch up. “Uhm well, we’re here.” He pulls out his wallet to take out his business card. “I just remembered that I have to go meet someone, so here’s my number and uhm I live on the first floor in room 1J so if you ever want to talk or something… well uhm yeah.” He thinks it’s better to part now so that he doesn’t come off as any more creepy that he probably already has. Maybe his hopes were too high to actually know people in this city. 

I ♥ NYC || Jongjin & Sunho


It is really hard for Jongjin not to start laughing when Sunho falls on his ass again because it happened as soon as the other let go of his hands so Jongjin soon finds himself chuckling under his breath, trying to muffle it as best as he can to not upset Sunho but it is a lost cause and soon he is laughing loudly, skating closer to Sunho and reaching down to help him get back up on his feet again. “Why are you apologizing? It’s okay…I mean, I should be the one apologizing for suggesting this without asking you first.” He tells him with a smile now that his laugher had subsided. He gently brushes the snow from Sunho’s coat and reaches down to grab his hand again and give it a squeeze.

“Do you want to soldier on and continue or do you prefer  we stop now and go right away for our hot chocolate instead?” he asks softly, thumb brushing over the back of Sunho’s hand. He doesn’t mind stopping now even if he had been looking forward to this during the entirety of their week in New York. He doesn’t want Sunho to get hurt even more after all. He decides to tell him that just in case the other would insist on being all tough and manly in front of him.

“I’d prefer if you didn’t keep falling on your ass until you really hurt your tailbone. We’re flying back to Korea tomorrow and I’m sure that over 15 hours of flight wouldn’t be comfortable for you if you were injured.”

He looks up at him with an embarrassed face before using his hand to help himself get up once again. He dusts off the ice and snow from his butt, gently rubbing it to make sure he didn’t break anything back there. He feels sorry that Jongjin has to look out for him when he knows that all he wants to do is have fun.

When Jongjin suggests that they stop and go get hot chocolate instead, his face can’t help but light up a bit because it would save him the trouble of pretending to be enjoying himself when in reality, he’s just going to keep falling on his butt the entire time. He nods shyly. “If you don’t mind… I mean this was your idea after all…” The guilt of Jongjin accommodating to him grows more and more. Even though he has a point, he doesn’t want to be uncomfortable the whole plane ride home.

"I guess hot chocolate it is?" He says with a small smile. He’s really appreciative of how caring and kind Jongjin is being, especially after the whole week. He makes his way back over to the benches to take off his skates and breathes a sigh of relief once he does. He gets his shoes back on and waits for Jongjin to lead the way because getting out of the cold and not having to try to not look like a fool was better than their current situation. "Sorry again…" He says, hoping that Jongjin isn’t upset or disappointed that they couldn’t fully carry out what he wanted to do.